What is Play Therapy?

What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is based on the way a child best learns and communicates - through play. Young children have not yet developed the language, or emotional maturity to be able to explain their feelings through words. Play therapy allows a child to express themselves in a way that comes naturally.  It aims to help them understand their emotions and behaviour, feel better about themselves, and to develop their resilience.

My role as a therapist is to support and enable the child to explore their experiences through a safe, non-judgemental way. All information shared is confidential (unless someone is at risk of harm) to ensure a trusting relationship can be built. 

What can I expect?

After your initial enquiry over the phone or via email, we will arrange a time for you to come for an initial assessment to discuss your needs for therapy, goals and to answer any questions you have. This initial meeting is usually conducted without the child present so that we can talk openly about your concerns.  

If you decide to go ahead with the therapy we would arrange a regular time for me to meet with your child and then plan the best way for me to be introduced to your child. 

There is no obligation after the assessment to go ahead with the play therapy, some people may change their minds or feel that this therapy is not right for them and that is fine. A child can also say no to therapy. In order for the therapy to be successful, the child needs to be ready and willing to engage in the process. 

Still have questions?

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